ISIL declare a state establish self-proclaimed [caliph]

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ISIL declare a state establish self-proclaimed [caliph] Extremist organization [Islamic State (IS)] is, is losing Syria Euphrates River coastal areas of the last base. But, also ended the era that has dominated for some areas of Iraq and Syria, the world in recognition of the same organization continues to be a threat are almost the same. What happened in the defeat at IS-controlled areas By the presence of the controlled areas across Iraq and Syria, IS was that distinguish it from all other extremist organizations such as al-Qaeda. 0 years in the caliph nation] and later to declare the (nation successor caliph of the Prophet Muhammad to guidance), controlled areas of IS will be a central base to achieve its mission, and people all Muslim land It has claimed the dominion. By this [pseudo-nation] is destroyed, IS, as well as logistical support base in charge of the attack plan in soldier training and overseas, it will be lost the means of most effective propaganda and soldiers gathered. In addition, or in violation of the strict discipline of the organization, some minority ethnic and sexual slavery, people who were about to be sentenced to executions and severe punishment has been released by such massacre.

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