ISIL declare a state establish self-proclaimed [caliph]


ISIL declare a state establish self-proclaimed [caliph] Islam and is, in the sense that absolutely to devotion to the only God Allah (= entrust all). Now, in the world are Muslims billion people It is said. 0 was the whole world to the year the Islamic The population of Muslims is, in 000 years greater than 0, Is the percentage of people in the person of the world's population. The 0 years there is an expectation that 0. Distribution of the Muslim's as right map. Middle East from the northern part of Africa (West Asia), center The ratio is high over the Asia. Or South Asia Et al toward Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Male Shia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh chair Lamb Muslims are the majority. There is growing Muslim in the United States. New York taxi, about the driver of the so-called Yellow Cab 0 is a Muslim. A phenomenon that occurred in accordance come an increasing number of immigrants from poverty. Most Muslims in many countries in the world, is Indonesia. In population billion 000,000 people split nearly Muslim is there. Century transmitted by Muslim merchants, began to spread in to and from the islands of Indonesia.

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