ISIL declare a state establish self-proclaimed [caliph]

Ecology of [Islamic countries]: actual situation of [Aamaku communication]

ISIL declare a state establish self-proclaimed [caliph] 0 with "Hayat" (pan-Arab paper of the Saudi capital) date is, was arrested by the Iraqi authorities [Islamic countries] of the self-proclaimed news agency on the basis of the confessions of members of the [Aamaku communication, public relations of the Islamic countries] It reported as follows gist per activity of the actual situation. Public relations activities of the Islamic countries] are organized in a pyramid. The responsible for the end in the information provider, some information provider who was undeniably the security forces and civilians in areas that are not occupied the [Islamic countries]. Various of the information is aggregated in a central public relations committee, the committee decides its Tsukaimichi. The purpose of public relations activities, to instill fear in the civilian population, is to uplift the morale of the combatants. Salaries of public relations personnel is less than 00 US dollars per month. This amount, [Islamic countries] of lack and spending cuts of the side of the resource result, are those that have been reduced.

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